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The best kind of picnics, we’ve discovered, are pretend: No ants, for one, and NO LIMITS, for another. In this class, your teeny-tiny explorer will take an immersive walk through The Wonder wilderness – spotting animals and flowers and BALLOONS! through sun and rain and snow! – before stopping to picnic with their favorite teddy / dolly / dinosaur / pet rock. On the menu? Imaginative play, problem solving and observational skills. New vocabulary AND new friends.


Spoiler alert: The physical journey is pretend, but the spiritual one is NOT.

18 months – 4 years (but all ages will have fun!).

An opportunity to work within a group using imaginative play, problem solving and observational skills. Part tea party, party dress up, part story time, part magical walk through the forest…ALL PLAY.

Better-behaved kids at restaurants, with imaginations that run wild!