AKA: The download on everything we can share at this exact moment in time. We know one question begets another, and that this is not (yet) a comprehensive list, but we promise to update this on the regular.

We could go a lot of ways with this one, but the simplest is: The Wonder is an absurdly playful space for kids AND grown ups with crazy cool classes and seasonal experiences and an all-around vibe of merry-making.

Currently: In New York, NY, Arlington, VA and Westport, CT. 

JOIN US! No, really, join us: The Wonder is a membership-based community. Memberships, as you might expect, are limited. See what ALL THE COMMOTION is about.

You’ll have to come in to see for yourself, but the Cliffs Notes: A ball pit (with antimicrobial balls, #2022 baby!) AND a bouncy house. (Yes. Both.) Crazy-cool classes (crafts too messy for home! bubble discos! parenting 101! wine AND snacks on the house!) and a top secret mission (speaking of, have you seen our STOLEN RAINBOW??). Tons of space to run around. Nooks and crannies and happy little spots for finger-painting, reading books, dreaming big dreams. Maybe a T-Rex in a tutu. And a general vibe of joy and magic and wonder that parents will dig as much as kids.

  • Full-on childcare. Our Wonder Guides will be there to help, but we’ll need you to keep an eye (preferably both) on your kids at all times. 
  • Co-working. Sure, you can dash off a quick email when you’re at The Wonder, but don’t you want to dance with a dino instead?
  • Humdrum classes. The kind where you sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider et al. Not throwing shade — it’s just that we can do a lot better.

Membership – with, ahem, arrangements that range from UNLIMITED visits a week to an entire year, including all classes and lo-fi fun activities, plus all kinds of perks and extras – start at $75.

A lot of really cool ones. Check ‘em all out here.

Exactly what it sounds like. Not a class per se, but a lightly guided activity that your kids can do in between ball pit jumps and bouncy house visits.

Yep! All you need to do as a member is RSVP for the class of your choice. The only thing not included in our memberships? Our seasonal experiences.

Think Sleep No More (haven’t been? Google it!), but less tragic and for families: Super-cool immersive and interactive experiences that change each season. Happening now? Spy School. AKA: a top secret mission to find a stolen rainbow.

At, baby. Just click on your location and into the activity of your choice. As a member, all you’ll need to do is enter your email address to get access. 

We encourage but do not require proof of vaccination at this time. All of our staff are vaccinated. We keep a close eye on CDC guidelines, and will update our policies accordingly and as needed to keep everyone safe.

WE SURE DO! Hosting the easiest, awesomest, most “Can We Go To The Wonder For My Birthday, Too?”-iest birthday parties is one of the (many) perks of having a Gold or Black membership.


For more info, email

Yes! Get ’em here.

Yes, there are places to park strollers at all locations.

Our Arlington and Westport locations have restrooms and changing stations. Our NYC location does not have restrooms or changing stations, but they are conveniently located nearby in the Brookfield Mall.

Other questions or comments? A knock-knock joke, fun fact, song you can’t get out of your head?

Email us at  and we’ll get back to you tout suite.