Hospitality is in your blood and you love making lists. You know what it takes to create memorable experiences where everyone in the room feels seen. You lead with Yes and are an agile and creative problem solver. You excel in team environments and inspire your teammates to always bring their best.



The General Manager is responsible for 3 main areas of The Wonder’s day-to-day operations: Space, Staff, and Systems.

  • Space: The GM is responsible for the daily operations and management of The Wonder spaces, ensuring that the space is properly equipped and maintained to create the best possible experience for our customers. This includes: Delivering the best experience for all members and their guests all of the time by demonstrating exemplary hospitality and care for each and every person. Upholding the standards of The Wonder as it pertains to the physical layout, brand standards, safety, and overall cleanliness of the space.
  • Staff: The GM is the main point of contact for all staff members and is responsible for ensuring that they have all the necessary resources, tools, and information needed to perform their best in their respective roles. This includes: scheduling, interviewing/hiring & onboarding, managing staff communications.
  • Systems: The GM is responsible for developing and managing the platforms and processes that overall contribute to a stellar customer experience and consistent staff performance. This includes managing our customer reservation/registration system platform, our point of sale, and managing customer feedback, inquiries and complaints.



Email the following to

  • Resume
  • A subject line that describes what skills or traits you’ll bring to the role
  • A short (seriously, short) introduction of yourself and your most memorable hospitality experience
  • Your favorite joke – can be knock knock or other variety. Yes, seriously.